What is CarPal?

The story of CarPal starts with its Founder/CEO, Maarten Hemmes. An innovator and entrepreneur at heart, Maarten launched his first startup in legal technology at the tender age of 22 in the Netherlands. Maarten also has over 10 years of software development experience through his own IT company serving clients in Europe, U.S. and South East Asia. Inspired by the uberization of services and recognising the rising demand in last-mile logistics, Maarten launched CarPal in July 2014.

carpal app demo

CarPal is a pioneering on-demand delivery service based on sharing economy. Through its revolutionary urban on-demand delivery platform, businesses and consumers can connect real-time with local couriers, who deliver goods or run errands on their behalves anywhere in a city. CarPal opens a new world where local supply chain management and analytics become a breeze and fun to operate.

In late 2016, CarPal has launched CarPal Fleet – a delivery management software (SaaS) solution that enables businesses to utilize a powerful delivery management solution, giving businesses the tool to compete with industry giants. Our platform provides a fully-customized service, giving businesses a better control of all elements relating to last-mile delivery.

system dashboard