Our Mission

CarPal strives to become the on-demand supply chain infrastructure for every major city in the world.

Our Growth

Launched in 2014, CarPal has been met with immediate success. The company has grown over 200% in 2016 both in size and turnover. Our current fleet consists of over 12,000 well-trained drivers serving both consumers and businesses.

Our two flagship products:

CarPal has closed 2 rounds of fundings to date, and currently operating in multiple cities in South East Asia.

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sharing economy

On Sharing Economy

The concept of sharing economy is the source of inspiration behind CarPal. This model is enabled by technology that makes connections between people, goods and services more efficient.

Environmental impact and sustainability is at the core of CarPal’s daily operations. In addition to reducing congestion on the road, we are making cities more sustainable and efficient by reducing carbon footprint.

The Challenges

What does an average consumer want?

  • Increased speed of booking and delivery
  • Transparent process
  • Immediate service
  • Affordable price for high standard of service

Businesses will lose out in the long-run due to the inability to fully-utilize all resources available and the lack of scale to finance the supply chain.

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The Opportunity

Out of the 150 million digital consumers in Southeast Asia, two-thirds already shop online. Current market value is S$8 billion and growing at 30% per annum.

CarPal has positioned itself strategically to benefit from the extraordinary market opportunity by providing solutions that allows businesses to plug-and-play their supply chain.

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