Build a lean and efficient logistics business,
manage your deliveries with the CarPal Fleet software

What is CarPal Fleet?

CarPal Fleet is a delivery management solution that allows businesses to control the whole supply chain without (fully) owning it; while our dedicated support team assists businesses to flourish with the use of our system!

Some of the core features:

  • Fleet management of both in-house drivers and contractors
  • Tap in to our existing pool of drivers
  • Efficient dispatching of orders
  • Tracking of driver movement
  • Analytics module to make fast decisions
  • Customer management

Our Customers

Boske Road Transport

Why should I use CarPal Fleet?

There are many reasons why CarPal Fleet can be a useful solution for your business. CarPal transforms cumbersome last-mile logistics into delightful delivery management. Our intuitive smartphone apps, powerful web dashboard, and seamless customer notifications handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters.

If your business involves making deliveries and managing a fleet of drivers (whether in-house or contracted), we can help streamline your operations.

Did you know that: you may fully utilize the fleet of existing CarPal drivers!

Manage Your Deliveries

Managing all the details of the delivery process including setting fares, grouping orders, assigning jobs.

Omni-Channel Access

Access our platform from the web or any mobile device, even if you’re on the go.

Customised Deliveries Experience

Enforce your brand image by customising every process of your delivery.

Keep Customers Satisfied

Keeping your customers happy with quick response time and real-time delivery notifications.

Clear Overview

CarPal Fleet platform makes it easier for your team to track deliveries, analyse data and make better judgments.

Who should use CarPal Fleet?

Most of the CarPal Fleet customers have one or more of the following characteristics

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     High volume (500+ daily orders)

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     Unpredictable or peak volume

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     In-house operations team

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     In-house fleet of drivers/vehicles