Manage Orders

Create Order

Proceed to “Orders -> Create Order”. Make sure to select the group you want to assign the order to.

Should you see any error messages like “No Services for your account. Contact Administrator”, it means that the rates for the selected group are not set up correctly.

Fill out all the forms. You will see that the quote returned is based on the rates you set for the selected group.

Under payment, you may select to use CarPal credits.

After payment, you can view the order on the order overview. You may assign your drivers to orders by filling out the input form with the email address of the driver, or you can wait until one of your drivers takes up the order.

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Assign Drivers

Once you have created an order, the status of this order will automatically be set to ‘dispatching’. This means that the system will start sending pushnotifications to the drivers in the relevant transaction group. Drivers will be able to login to their driver app and ‘accept’ the order.

You may also assign a driver to the order by start typing his name in the input field on the orders overview page. Note that once you have assigned a driver the status of the order will be set to ‘confirmed’ and other drivers will not be able to see it anymore.


In certain market you may use our public fleet of drivers. This means that CarPal has already onboarded those drivers and provided basic training.

We are currently working on this.

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Purchase CarPal Credits

We are currently not charging for the software and we will be adding sufficient credits to every new account.

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Introduction CarPal Fleet

Manual CarPal Fleet

You need to take a few steps before you can start using the CarPal Fleet system.

  1. Create private transaction group
  2. Set rates for the created group
  3. Add drivers to the group
  4. Add CarPal credits
  5. Create your first order!
  6. Create customers for your group
  7. Let customers place orders in your group
  8. Assign orders to drivers or let them take the orders through the CarPal mobile app

Please note that this document is work in progress.

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Set your rates

Rates are always connected to a ‘Transaction Group”, hence you will need to make sure you have created such a group before you set the rates. To set the rates proceed to ‘Rates’ in the menu. You will have to set every element of the rates to get a complete quote.

All rates are in the currency of the Identity (country) that you are active in.


1. Pickup Rate

Every quote starts with a pickup rate. This is the minimum rate you want to charge to your customers regardless from surcharges for weight, delivery window and distance. Usually you can think of this as; ‘how much’ does my driver want to earn as a minimum to drive to the pickup location.

2. Additional location Rate

Should you want to create orders with multiple locations, you will have to set the rate for every additional location.

3. Driver Rate

Here you need to set the percentage that the driver will receive.

4. Order Options Rate

We offer a range of options that you can use (or not use) to further customise your rate settings. The options are displayed on the ‘Create Order’ page if you set a rate.

5. Product Service Rate

You may create services and assign rates to those. Services are usually used to create weight + vehicle. For example; 10KG (30*30*50cm – car). Note that this is a surcharge on top of the pickup rate. You also can set this to 0 and still offer the service. The driver will see this service on the driver app when he views the job.

5. Kilometer limit rate

The kilometer limit is the amount of kilometers that is included with the pickup rate. For every additional kilometer you may set a rate.

5. Discount Code

You may create discount codes to use on while creating the order. We offer the option to set a fixed rate per location or a discount % on the total quote. A discount code can have a start and ending date.




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Manage Transaction Groups

A group is a ‘private’ environment where you can; set rates, create drivers, create orders.

Every customer can have unlimited groups. You can create a group by going to ‘Transaction” -> Groups. You will see an overview of all your groups. You may create a group creating a unique name at the bottom of the page.

Group names can be changed afterwards, but every name has to be unique.


You can upload a logo for every group created. You can choose one logo to be your default logo for the whole system.

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Manage Drivers

Every customer can have unlimited private drivers. Drivers can be managed under ‘Transaction” -> Create Driver or View Drivers.

Make sure that every driver has either the iOS mobile or Android app installed on his/ her phone.
Note: at this point ‘new’ drivers can only be added to your group if they are created through you customer dashboard. If you wish to assign an ‘existing’ driver (a driver that registered his own account through the app and was added to the public pool) please contact the admin.

Create Driver

Fill out the details on the form for the driver that you are creating. Make sure to select the correct Transaction group. A driver can be assigned to multiple groups.

You will have to inform you driver of the account you have created for him/ her.

After creation you will be redirected to the driver details page where you can fill out all additional details for this driver.


We recommend that you provide basic training to your drivers on your SOP and how to use the mobile driver app. We have standard materials available that you can download here and use.

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Manage your Customers

You have the ability to create your own private sub-customers. The advantage is that sub-customers can place orders in the system for the transaction group(s) that you have given them access to. Sub-customers can only belong to one parent customer.

The rates are based on the settings of the transaction group. You may set the driver feel lower than the customer rate to earn a margin.

Sub-customers will be able to make payment using your CarPal credits. This means that you can handle invoicing outside the CarPal Fleet system.

Create a customer

Transaction -> Create Customer

Fill out the details on the form and select one or multiple Transaction groups.

Your customer will not receive a notification of the newly created account. So it’s up to you to inform your own customer.

The customer will see the logo in dashboard screen of the first transaction group that you have assigned them to.

View customers

Transaction -> Customers

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