CarPal Fleet Features

Become truly on-demand today!
Scale your fleet. Deliver faster, more transparent and keep the costs to a minimum while doing it.

Omni-channel access

To provide you team with the best user-experience possible, CarPal is continuously seeking ways to make supply chain management easier.

Manage your deliveries and drivers through our user-friendly web platform, or download the CarPal app to track the status of your orders on the go.

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Order monitoring

CarPal enables you to provide on-demand deliveries to your customers, you can dispatch in-house or contract drivers up to 30 minutes before the requested pickup time.

It is essential to keep an overview on all orders and track potential delays for both on-demand and scheduled deliveries.

All drivers need to have the mobile app installed (Android or iOS available). The software has an integrated GPS function and drivers are requested to click ‘start’ and ‘stop’ button to enable tracking.

Live tracking

Driver locations are collected from the device’s native location service, which combines GPS, cell-tower, wifi, and other sensor data to accurately pinpoint a driver’s latitude and longitude while on-duty.

Track your fleet in real-time and access records for all past orders. View the exact route taken and analyse the pickup and drop-off timings for each order.

We do not access, collect or store any information from a driver’s mobile device when they are off-duty or offline.

Spreadsheet import

For bulk deliveries with multiple locations, CarPal allows you to upload spreadsheets with just a few clicks. Our software will automatically group the locations together and create the optimal route based on your indicated criteria and preference.

Route Optimization

Route optimization allows you to quickly create smart and efficient delivery routes by considering delivery locations, real-time traffic data and driver schedules. With one click, the system generates the most optimal route for the vehicle together with the lowered rate.

Alerts & SMS Messaging

Keeping your customers informed by sending automated alerts when:

  • Order is placed
  • Item is picked up
  • Driver reaches the geo-fencing area (delivery zone)
  • Item is delivered


CarPal’s interactive analytics page enables you to view historical data on orders, drivers and customers in actionable graphics, making it easier to identify peak hours, seasonality, as well as forecast future delivery needs.

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Driver Mobile App

  • Overview of assigned and available bookings
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Push-notifications for new available jobs
  • GPS and Google Maps
  • Vehicle management
  • Proof of delivery (signature or photo)

Barcode/QR Code Scanning

For companies that prefer to track their delivery items through barcode or QR code scanning, our driver app is equipped with the technology to upload scanning throughout the entire delivery journey from the moment goods leave the warehouse until they are delivered to the end recipients.

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Fleet of contractors

In certain markets, we have a fleet of contract drivers available. The vehicles of contract drivers range from bikes, cars, vans to trucks. You may choose to tap in to this pool to expand your existing fleet of drivers.

White-label, API and customization

  • The CarPal Fleet system can be white-labeled to suit your business needs.
  • We have an API available for integration with your existing systems.
  • Requests for customizations are possible. Depending on the existing development roadmap, we will quote a rate for your customized integration.
We currently localized CarPal Fleet for Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. We can add other countries on request.