CarPal is a rapidly growing on-demand delivery service transforming the way local goods move around cities.

Our revolutionary urban logistics and on-­demand delivery platform connects customers with local couriers, pairing the right customer with the right driver at the right time. CarPal’s mission is to become the on-­demand delivery infrastructure for every major city in the world.

We want you to be a part of that.

We understand that our success depends on the success of CarPal drivers, and we invest heavily in making sure new drivers can confidently pick up their first delivery on Day One.

Common questions that we received are listed below, along with a response.

When and how long do I have to work?

CarPal offers ultimate flexibility in working hours. You can work when you are free and not work when you aren’t free. Most of our drivers have regular jobs and only accept deliveries when it’s convenient for them. And that’s totally fine!

What are CarPal Hours?

If you let us know your preferred area and the time-slot(s) that you are available for CarPal, you can drive with an improved route and do jobs more efficiently. We can even pay you by the hour.

Do I have to have a Car?

Van, car, motorbike, or bicycle? How about the subway? We are open to any and all forms of transportation. Most of our drivers have a car, and that works pretty well. But not all items being delivered require a car so we opt for a motorbike or a bicycle. And not all items being delivered can fit in a car, so we opt for a van. Whatever the situation, we make sure that you are not overburdened by the package you are asked to deliver.

How am I compensated? What about ERPs, parking, etc?

CarPal pays the driver the majority of the delivery cost charged to customers (customers pay prior to delivery). The cost has been calculated to account for the distance traveled, estimated travel time, road tolls, and need for parking. When we dispatch deliveries, we include the driver fee. If you do not think it is worth accepting the job, then no worries — CarPal is designed to make sure that you are not forced into doing a delivery that you do not want to do. Ultimately, we aim to create a fair system where everyone is happy.

How much can I make driving as a CarPal?

This highly depends on the amount of jobs that you take. But we can give you some examples to give you an idea:

Example 1 (part-time)

Driver X drives a sedan and takes 31 jobs a week, this is about 6 jobs per day during a regular 5 days work-week. At the end of the week CarPal pays him 550 SGD. (2,200 SGD on a monthly basis) This driver makes about 17.74 SGD per job on average.

Example 2 (part-time)

Driver X drives an SUV and takes 14 jobs a week, this is about 3 jobs per day during a regular 5 days work-week. At the end of the week CarPal pays him 293 SGD. (1,172 SGD on a monthly basis) This driver makes about 20.92 SGD per job on average.

As you see the rates vary per driver (amount of jobs, type of car). Costs for gas etc. are not deducted yet.

When do I get paid?

We currently pay once per week using bank transfer.

How do I accept a delivery? Do I get to choose which deliveries I do?

As deliveries are requested by CarPal customers, we systematically offer the delivery to the most appropriate CarPal driver. The driver has a period of time where they are able to review the delivery details and either accept or decline it — it’s totally up to you which offers you accept. All that is required from you is a smartphone (any make and model) with a data plan. If you accept a delivery, you are required to complete the delivery — the customer relies on you.

Is there a mobile app available?

The iOS App can be downloaded via App Store.

The Android App can be downloaded via Google Play.

How to use the app?

After installing the app swipe left to register an account and follow the instructions in your email.

How do I accept a job?

See a job that you would like to do? Just click on “accept job”. An email with the job order and the delivery details will be send to you and the job will appear un “My Jobs“.

What do I do if the item is not ready to be picked up yet?

When you arrive at a pick-up location and discover that the item is not ready to be transported yet, you wait for 10 minutes. If have have another delivery or appointment scheduled you can leave after 20 minutes. If you have time to wait, please wait for the customer to prepare the item for transportation.

In both cases you will be covered for the parking costs. Please send us the receipt so we can claim the costs for you.

What do I do in case the item gets damaged during the delivery?

In the the event of damage to the item during the delivery, you have to contact CarPal directly. Do never deliver the item to the recipient if it is damaged.
What do I do when dropping off a package?

Drop-off is a little different than pick-up, as the recipient is not as familiar with CarPal, but they are all expecting a package being delivered. You’ll have all the information you need, so it’s just about finding the right person to hand the package to. You may never leave an item unattended at the delivery location unless the customer has agreed with this in written.

We ask that you have the recipient sign the order form (if provided by the customer). If an order form is not provided, please take a picture of the recipient with the package. If this is not possible, a picture of the recipient ID or business card will suffice. This acts as confirmation that the package was delivered, was delivered to the right person, and was delivered on time. That’s pretty important, after all. Without delivery confirmation, CarPal is unable to make a payment to you.

What if I am running late to either pick-up or drop-off?

If there is a chance that you will not arrive on time (according to the delivery request details), you must notify the customer and CarPal immediately. In most situations, early communication of a problem lets us effectively find a solution. It is not acceptable to be late without communicating beforehand.

Do I have to deliver to the front door?

For items lighter than 10 KG we always expect you to deliver to the front door of the customer. In case an item is heavier than 10 KG, you will only have to deliver to the front door if customer has paid for the surcharge. The job description will tell you this in advance.

What kind of items am I going to be delivering?

We deliver anything, as long as it isn’t illegal or dangerous or overly fragile. A description of the item and weight will be included in the delivery description when you are offered the job. If you see an item being delivered that makes you uncomfortable, simply decline the offer.

Please use Air ­Conditioning in cases where you are transporting food and beverages. Remember that you are always responsible for a damage­-free delivery.

Also note that you have the right to inspect a package at the pickup location in case you suspect the package to contain illegal goods. You can only do this in presence of the customer. You may refuse the delivery in case the package contains goods that violate the policy as stated in the Driver Services Agreement.

What is my liability? Do I need insurance?

You are responsible for loss or damage that occurs during the delivery. In the case of an accident (where you are not at fault), the package being delivered is insured by CarPal up to a certain amount.

Additionally, we expect you to have your own insurance that appropriately covers your vehicle and other damage that might result from an accident. If something happens, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can help.

Do I need to sign a contract with CarPal?

Yes and we will need to collect copies of your driving license and NRIC/passport. This is required to keep these copies for legal reasons. We will never share it outside the company with anybody.

Is there a CarPal dress code?

CarPal simply asks that you dress appropriately for a delivery job. No need to wear a suit and tie, but please recognize that you are representing both CarPal and the customer that you are delivering for. As part of the job, you will be entering into office buildings.

Do you have a reward program?

Yes, we do.

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