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How can same-day deliveries boost your revenue during the festive season?

The festive season is upon us and if you’re not already thinking about all that it entails for your business from a delivery standpoint, then you should definitely reconsider your strategies.

With online shopping and food ordering on the rise, this is probably the best time for online retailers, F&B companies and restaurants to cash in during the holiday season.

Take your cue from consumers’ expectations

delivery singapore

According to research, consumers are at the top of their game during the holidays, with 95% of holiday shoppers basing their online purchases on delivery options alone.

And according to Walker Sands’ 2017 report, “54% put fast shipping as their top incentive to purchase more online.”

This is really the ideal scenario to reconsider your options for your business and find the right solution. As you deal with surge in order, you will need to act fast and efficiently and identify consumer patterns that help you optimize deliveries, improve processes and increase revenues just in time for the holidays.

As times are evolving, delivery processes are not set in stone anymore, and it’s safe to say that expectations are evolving and companies need to keep pace with bigger players.

In fact, Forrester, a renowned market researcher iterates that “the cost, speed and convenience of delivery has a direct impact on repeat purchase, basket size, conversion rates and customer lifetime value”.

This sort of forecast is not surprising considering that customer demand for high quality, convenient and fast delivery has become the norm!

Ensure delivery speed (and alternatives)

delivery singapore

In addition to quickly having access to products online, consumers are also expecting guaranteed speed, as well as more delivery options other than the traditional model.

One such avenue is on-demand delivery through a partner company that works with software and caters to customers that need to get an item delivered on the same day.

This sort of “convenience economy” offers F&B, grocery and retail companies the opportunity to grow their business and revenue by capitalizing on the increasing demand from consumers.

To gain results and increase your revenue during the holidays, start by analyzing customer metrics. You can ask yourself questions like “what are your customers saying about your current delivery process?” By answering to this question, you will gain key insights into making the delivery experience better.

If you’re looking beyond traditional delivery models, and thinking of scaling your business’ revenue, the festive period shouldn’t overwhelm you with its surge in demand. On the contrary, you can consider delivery companies which work with advanced tech that make the overall process more efficient.

By partnering with a company that allows you to use the sharing-economy gig, you can actually utilize your resources in a sustainable manner through a platform which offers smart algorithms for better performance as well as physical fleets to make your life better during the busy season.

For instance, you can let our allocation engine assign orders to drivers, while you focus on other areas of the delivery process.

Make on-demand delivery profitable

delivery singaporeThe cost considerations for delivery operations are paramount, from hiring additional staff to taking care of the logistics, delivering the orders, and training employees on the new processes.

With this in mind, the amount of work that needs to be done is considerable in order to have a successful fulfillment rate and earn money on top of it. Therefore, projecting your company’s revenue growth shouldn’t be an issue to ignore.

It’s true that more logistical planning comes in play here, but relying on an experienced partner can help you overcome the hurdles of high delivery volume during the busy seasons.

By ensuring that your orders are fulfilled through tools like route optimization, predicting the right timings and properly managing orders, a delivery partner can help you fulfill your orders timely and earn the extra cash that you would’ve otherwise lose for not having the resources to assign orders properly.

In conclusion, it would be more pragmatic to spend additional money on a seasoned logistics company to coordinate deliveries, because it could very easily help you improve your revenue!

To succeed, any business needs repeat customers. As such, using a delivery company will help keep track of your performance, delivery issues and provide competitive rates and a topnotch service.

While most businesses will never be able to have full transparency over their operations, it is key that they put in place processes to manage and recover the customer experience when it goes wrong.

In case you’re not considering partnering with a same-day delivery company, you might want to change your mind, because this phenomenon is quickly becoming a must!

delivery singapore

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Recipes for growing your food delivery operations

Factors like big players, tech and consumer behaviour are changing the rules of the game in terms of how food companies and restaurants are handling both their operations and customer experience.

To stay relevant and scale, more restaurants decide to tap on tech-centric operations and a fully agile platform to meet these demands and become more competitive in this ever-changing market!

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Food Delivery – Trends that shape the market

The food delivery market has scaled enormously and online ordering online has become the norm.  Consumers demand online food services and need visibility and flexibility to have a satisfying experience, which is why more restaurants need to improve their offerings.

Besides consumer demands, tech has also pushed the market to address challenges like lack of optimization and automation. But there are options to scale this business further.

Let’s take a look at the most popular trends that shape the F&B sector!

food delivery trends

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Top Scenarios In Which Your F&B Business Needs to Rethink Its Delivery Operations

A few years ago, it was not unusual for a restaurant to exclusively focus on dine-in experiences. But today, many restaurants choose to take their business online, as food delivery is a service expected by more and more consumers.

But things are changing, and in today’s fast-developing world, more F&B businesses and restaurants are trying to implement new strategies to improve efficiency of their operations.

However, the reality is that many of these restaurants and F&B businesses are facing issues like lack of optimized operations, and this is mainly due to relying on outdated methods when performing deliveries and dealing with day-to-day workflows.

Let’s take a look at the main problems faced by these businesses today:

  • Lack of transparency
  • Unreliability from riders as there is no control over the fleet
  • Lack of optimization for delivery time
  • Inefficient planning and manual assignment of jobs for drivers and riders
  • No centralized platform to store all order information

While these are the recurring issues faced by many F&B companies and restaurants these days, it’s safe to say that there are numerous big players out there who are changing the delivery the game, making it more difficult for smaller companies to thrive.

From these large companies, we can learn that implementing new technologies is the way to go about scaling and optimizing the way your business operates these days.

The competition seems fierce, but there is a wealth of options you can use to improve your daily processes.

So to get started, think about the scenarios that are preventing you from having lean operations and a more flourishing businesses, and use these considerations to close the gap between your offerings and your customers’ needs and requirements.

At CarPal, our operations team has been serving some leading online food delivery businesses around Singapore and here’s the common operational flow error we have encountered so far.

Tracking drivers is not properly standardized

The issue with online ordering right now is that there is a lot of friction between users and restaurants or F&B companies. Questions like “Where is my food right now?” are common from the consumer side.

But there are also many questions coming from the restaurant’s operations team as well like “How do I know where my drivers are?” or “How can I have better control over deliveries to plan future deliveries in a more organized manner?”

This can be easily solved by using the right tools that offer you the level of flexibility you need. If your job requires monitoring and managing orders, then the next step is to make these processes more efficient.

A solution would be partnering with a delivery company which focuses on the control tower concept, meaning it has the ability to monitor and track drivers performing your delivery in real time. This step equals to better operational flow and a standardized driver procedure when you have to assign orders to certain drivers.

Manual allocating incoming orders takes too much of your time

restaurant delivery singapore

This is indeed a very big problem with online food delivery as many restaurants still follow the manual way of handling orders.

In the process, there are more teams involved who need to go through the delivery process. Let’s say the staff who receives the customer orders needs to communicate the information to the operational team who then has to prepare the logistics.

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In this case, doing things manually is a hassle as important food instructions may be missed or the actual order assigning requires more time to be done.

The ideal solution would be to use a system that allows you to control everything from one single place. What if that someone could keep track of the whereabouts of your delivery team and be able to allocate the required orders in one go as well?

Inefficient or non-existing order placing system

restaurant delivery singapore

More restaurants opt to provide delivery options through third party partners, but many fail to have the control they need to create a unique brand image and be at the helm of their own operations.

It’s important to acknowledge that restaurants which implement their own online delivery platform will go a step forward and gain control of their service.

One of the main benefits you will see first-hand  is the ability to plan ahead, prioritize each online order based on the collection time, while serving your dine-in customers. In a few words, your restaurant will quickly be able to become efficient!

Lack of an automated order delivery solution

It is known that manual order allocation and lack of streamlined communication among various department results into a disorderly meal delivery system.

Gaining visibility in the order fulfillment process is crucial to have a successful order delivery model. However, if the fulfillment process is not streamlined, businesses either end up sending wrong orders to the customer or miss out the delivery.

Many online food businesses and restaurants choose to work with delivery partners that are tech-focused and work with solutions that allow them to automate their workflow with least scope of human/manual intervention.

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What’s most important for your restaurant is how an integrated system can work hand-in-hand with your operations.

A platform like CarPal’s delivery system means you’ll gain control over your operations, optimize your workflows, have a topnotch customer experience and grow with your business further.

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Are F&B businesses winning the delivery game with UberEATS and Deliveroo?

Overview: To adapt to this growing demand for speed, versatility and quality triggered by consumers, more restaurants choose to level up their delivery game by being in control of the operations and having the ability to manage their deliveries hands-on.

It’s a fact that in Asia alone, the F&B industry is going through unprecedented change regarding same-day delivery as the level of service is becoming one of the fastest-moving trends .

With delivery volume increasing, established restaurant chains or smaller restaurants, as well as food delivery services, are all trying to find a common ground to grow their business.

A report in Statista highlights how restaurant deliveries will increase considerably in the next few years.

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Why is the online food delivery boom prevalent in Asia?

We all know that we live in a fast-paced digital world, where a 2-hour food delivery is the norm for good reasons. Consumers are becoming more and more savvy and businesses are trying to offer customer satisfaction by offering timely and personalized delivery services.

According to a market report in EcommerceIQ, “food delivery services like FoodPanda and Deliveroo are also thriving in Singapore, the latter boasting 25% week on week growth, while Foodpanda claims Singapore to be one of its key markets in Southeast Asia.”

One of these on-demand food services heavily rely on tools that help them track driver performance and efficiency as well as determine the number of riders needed on the road at different times to eliminate delays.

This only highlights that timely delivery is at the core of these businesses and that the entire online food delivery industry has become prevalent in the last few years as big food ordering platforms have come to dominate the online food delivery market through rapid growth and cutting-edge innovations.

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McKinsey & Company showcases the growth of the food delivery market.

Their level of delivery excellence has changed the rules of the game in terms of both operational efficiency and customer experience. And to stay relevant and scale, more food companies must evolve by becoming fully agile across their entire delivery ecosystem.

1. Use a hybrid delivery fleet to do your deliveries

If we think about the food delivery sector itself, we can easily pinpoint a few extra challenges it faces today. Among the most important ones are inefficient operations and speed of delivery. As the market is booming, the volume of orders is also on the rise, which implicitly creates a surge in last-minute deliveries and on-demand requests.

This means deciding whether to tap on third-party partners to maximize deliveries.

As F&B companies are under pressure to evolve, there is a need to assess what the best option is: use their own in-house resources or tap onto third-party partners. Over time, many of these companies or restaurants would choose to build and scale an in-house fleet in order to retain full control over their brand and by vertically integrating and aligning their business processes.

While this is a great starting point, a healthy option is to focus on building your own fleet before considering a hybrid version.

In a previous article, we discussed in detail how the idea of tapping on third party resources can help small companies during peak hours or when the facing increased on-demand requests.

According to data collected from our own delivery operations, companies find it difficult to deal with the surge in orders so the challenge that arises is whether or not to hire full-time drivers.

With CarPal, restaurants and food delivery companies can focus on a healthy delivery ecosystem by expanding their networks and tapping into our very own pool of 10,000 freelancer drivers to drive c operations cost down. At the same time, drivers can fully utilize their time to take delivery jobs in a more consistent manner.

food delivery singapore

Tapping into outsourced drivers will allow you to bring the delivery cost down, gain control over your own delivery fleet, and have the ability to tap into third-party drivers without having to purchase any vehicles or hire additional staff. Jonathan Tan, Operations Manager 

To implement this concept, restaurants will need to try new models based on what works better for their own scenario. That means using their internal fleets, external fleets, partner companies, and even crowd-sourced resources that can be aligned to reach customers in the best and most efficient way.

2. Partnering with a delivery company

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There was always a myth going on about the difficulty of building sustainable partnerships between restaurants and delivery companies, and it’s only normal to weigh down options before venturing into such a partnership. Before considering this, owners have to asses the advantages thoroughly.

Some of the key points to consider are:

  • The ability to offer complimentary apps and web dashboards to help you manage your deliveries in an efficient way
  • Open communication lines with operations staff of the delivery company 
  • Being able to make changes last-minute delivery changes and communicating them to the designated staff of the delivery company 
  • Tapping onto a pool of drivers to help you assign deliveries accordingly

3. Focus on a transparent and flexible customer-centric experience

food delivery

The world of online delivery is incredibly complex and for restaurants to succeed in this landscape, it’s important to acknowledge that the latest technological innovations play a key role to improve the overall food delivery experience.

But as much as technology evolves and innovation pushes the boundaries of the industry, it’s important to remember that every change is designed to improve the customer experience. 

By using the right delivery company which manages orders through efficient digital workflows, restaurants will create an opportunity for their staff to seamlessly manage their operations and for their customers to have a better experience when they order or receive a delivery.

Efficient deliveries are possible when communication is at the core of operations. Besides having the ability to track a delivery and to connect with the driver that is delivering the order, communication through tech is also about bringing a new layer of transparency and visibility which empowers any business owner.

4. Integrate an online ordering system

While delivering your food on time is crucial to your business growth and client retention, the F&B industry experiences many challenges they can properly address with the help of third party platforms.

One solution is looking into an online ordering solution to accept incoming orders and manage them all in one single place. This will help you focus on other areas of your business whilst centralizing and organizing your orders in an efficient way.

An online ordering solution will help you get convenient access to your online orders, be alerted of changes, as well as enable you to incorporate comfortable lead time for food preparation hence gain control over your kitchen’s operations.


Restaurants and food companies need to understand the important role of deliveries and how adopting innovative strategies will help them develop a tight relationship with their customers, as well as create a strong brand image. 

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CarPal summer update 2015 

Summer is coming up, we are in business for about one year now and we feel it is time for another update on our delivery service.CarPal has been growing great in Singapore and we’d love to share our plans with you.

A Growing Fleet

Over the past few months we have seen an increased amount of drivers applying to be a CarPal. The Straits Times featured CarPal in a nice article on what it means to be a CarPal driver.

As a result we received over 2000 applications and we are going through all of them. Please hold on if you haven’t heard from us yet, note that we will get back to each and everyone of you.

New Features

Service for smaller items
As we saw a great demand for shipping items that weigh less than 3kg, we have decided to unlock this.
Shipping an item that weighs less than 3kg starts at 10 SGD for a delivery within 4 or 1 hour(s). (How do I place an order?)

Build your fleet of preferred drivers
Starting from tomorrow, our corporate accounts will have the opportunity to build their own fleet of drivers. Jobs will be offered to your preferred drivers first before they go to the general group.

Start rating your drivers
All customers will start receiving daily opportunities to rate their CarPal drivers. A not-so-good rating will lead to action on our end. A great rating will lead to a better ranking for the driver, which will give the driver the opportunity to take more jobs.

Integrate CarPal in to your mobile app or website
Our API is now available. We are unlocking thousands of vehicles that you can simply access by integrating our system into your own mobile app or website.Ask us if you are interested, we can provide both business and technical consultancy!

What about the response time?
The average job get’s picked up under 30 seconds. This means that your CarPal can be at the collection point within 30-60 minutes after you have placed the order.

A Growing Team

We are looking for rockstars and superheroes that can help us change the way we move around items and goods in cities. Check out the career opportunities.

And More To Come..

We will also keep you posted on how we will unlock CarPal in other cities soon too! First Singapore and then the world.