Case Study: This is How Unioil Gained Visibility Over Drivers

delivery management system

Company name: Unioil
Industry: Oil and gas distribution
Location: Philippines
Background: Leading the way in innovative petroleum solutions since 1966

Company background

Unioil Petroleum Philippines is a well-known brand in Philippines, which offers oil and gas distribution. As a strategic business partner in the field of petroleum products, Unioil supplies the petroleum and power needs of various market segments.

Aside from the Unioil lubricant brand, the company also fosters strategic global alliances with various oil and petroleum companies throughout the world.

What were the challenges the company faced?

delivery management system

Unioil has a large number of distributions per day, and the company needs to pick up oil from different locations by driving across the country.

The company owns a fleet of 30 trucks, but also regularly works with contractors that help fulfill order transportation.

Because of the large number of deliveries that needed an extra batch of drivers, the company made the decision to work with more contractors. The operations team then started feeling challenged when they couldn’t properly track the status of the orders on-the-go.

Current challenges:

→ Tracking contractors and freelance drivers is difficult

→ Lack of POD (Proof-of-Delivery) to expedite deliveries and make the process more efficient

→  Collecting payments needs to be improved

What was the solution?

After running an initial trial with CarPal, Unioil decided to integrate the CarPal delivery management system into their current solution, enabling the company to connect order management with delivery management and optimization – while providing full visibility and a superior customer experience across the entire operation.

Unioil’s partnership with CarPal had an immediate impact in the operations department, especially as the company made full use of the real-time tracking from the beginning.

This new layer of transparency and visibility across the operations helped Unioil manage their fleets of contractors more effectively, and provided their customers with the much-needed visibility and control.

With our cloud-based software, Unioil can now easily track their contractors – and make the process insightful along the way by collecting relevant data and analytics that help forecast future deliveries.

The drivers will be able to use the CarPal Driver App and use functions like the Start, Pause and Stop buttons throughout the delivery, which help identify each stage the delivery is at.

Another advantage of using our platform is that even when the app goes offline due to lack of internet (Philippines is comprised of many islands, hence infrastructure and internet connection can be a challenge at times), the app will continue capturing information offline and push the data to our system at the moment the connection comes back.

delivery management system

What were the results?

Unioil started their operations working with in-house drivers. However, for their lubricant business, they hired subcontractors which are responsible for picking up the product from warehouses and sending it to customers. The next question was: how do you track these contractors?

That’s why the company decided to integrate CarPal’s delivery management platform – which helped them optimize their logistics, offer full transparency to their customers and seamlessly connect with their existing systems from the beginning.

Unioil was looking for three key attributes in a delivery management platform:

Efficiency and optimization

→ Tighter control and visibility over contractors and freelancers

→ A reliable system, which acts as a “control tower” so that the company can manage all operations from one place

CarPal not only ticked all these requirements, but also gave Unioil the ability to schedule multiple way-points which helped the company optimize their operations even further.

With CarPal, Unioil can follow their trucks via the web dashboard, know the ETAs for all orders in real time and white-label the entire system to match their branding.

The frictionless awareness of CarPal’s dashboard means that the team can check the status of all drivers and all orders in the “control tower” without wasting time or disrupting drivers.

This resulted in a decrease in phone calls to the operations team  – and improving business efficiency and customer service simultaneously.

Having a robust solution that could handle unlimited queries was crucial for Unioil as they grow nationally.

CarPal’s scalability makes the company future-proof so it can grow as the business continues to expand.

The takeaway

delivery management system

CarPal’s platform has helped Unioil optimize and track deliveries efficiently and has generated more efficiency per driver per day through increased routing efficiency and direct tracking. 

Also, after implementation, Unioil keeps an open dialogue with CarPal on a regular basis. This has resulted in new features on the CarPal platform which are now used by Unioil as well as other CarPal customers in similar use cases.

In addition, Unioil is also using CarPal as the main source of their driver insights, analytics and accounting.

By inputting all orders into the CarPal dashboard, the company gets a first-hand glimpse into what’s happening with the operations at any given time – from the current location of its drivers to the monthly finances.

Using CarPal’s dashboard, Unioil is now able to optimize the logistics planning and assign orders based on how drivers are progressing in real time.

While Unioil just started working with CarPal’s system this year, the company saw immediate results in terms of efficiency and costs. And with the delivery management software in place, the company manages to quickly optimize their operational logistics!