On Mother’s Day, Convenience Takes Center Stage in On-Demand Delivery

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We live busy lives and, for many of us, it’s important to take advantage of the convenience of same day delivery.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, managing an influx of deliveries and putting together everything that is needed becomes difficult for companies, especially when not having an in-house fleet to efficiently take care of the operations.

Whether it’s sending out fresh bouquets of flowers or buying cakes online, consumers are accustomed to convenient options so companies need to start working with a same-day delivery service partner that provides a great experience while allowing them to be efficient at the same time.

Customers want flexibility and assurance

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With CarPal, enterprise and small businesses alike can offer all the perks customers look for in delivery. Customers select a convenient delivery window and can use CarPal’s booking platform to ensure all their deliveries will be fulfiled on time. Whether you’re a florist, baker, or any of the thousands of businesses that can benefit from same-day delivery, you can sign up and get a quote instantly and our friendly customer support will quickly get back to you. 

Keep in mind that not only does offering same day delivery provide your customers with the options and convenience they want, but it also allows companies to focus on better managing their business. 

By providing you with same-day delivery services, CarPal makes focusing on the core of your business easier while improving the experience for your customers.

For Mother’s Day, companies can start outsourcing their deliveries 

For Mother’s Day, one of the most popular use cases for same-day delivery is flower delivery. Consumers want their bouquets freshly cut and delivered quickly, making the flower delivery business difficult to manage.

According to Happy Bunch, “flower delivery is about delivering happiness and important messages to recipients. It is a highly emotional process for customers who order flowers and anxiously wait for the delivery to be completed. The delivery status update is a crucial feature for customers even up till today.”

Before companies like CarPal, traditional flower shops were forced to hire drivers and rent vans, making a costly investment in delivery networks so they could service their own orders. But today, florists can simply tap on a delivery partner to do their deliveries, while they focus on preparing the bouquets on time for their clients!

Here’s what Happy Bunch has to say about CarPal’s service:

Happy Bunch and Carpal are fully committed to improve the delivery operations through smart technology, and continue to make improvements to deliver a delightful customer experience in the Singapore market. All to achieve our mission of delivering flowers and happiness in a simple, affordable and convenient way in this little red dot.

Unpredictable volume calls for extra help

Due to an unpredictable volume of orders, many companies are faced with challenges and can easily lose out as they don’t have enough resources to get their orders delivered to the clients.

On occasions like Mother’s Day when there’s a surge in orders, companies might need to come up with an alternative solution.

As you might be aware, the costs associated with investing in vehicles, hiring and managing staff quickly add up during this period, so the best way to deal with the issue would be using a 3rd party delivery partner.

By partnering with an experienced delivery company, food companies, florists and bakeries can have the ability to meet their fulfilment rate and offer a great customer service to their clients.

CarPal’s same-day delivery service allows such businesses to effectively offer customers a topnotch service such as choice, speed and flexibility.

By allowing businesses to easily plug into our dynamic delivery network, we offer you the ability to easily manage your operations whilst focusing on growth.

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