Top Scenarios In Which Your F&B Business Needs to Rethink Its Delivery Operations

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A few years ago, it was not unusual for a restaurant to exclusively focus on dine-in experiences. But today, many restaurants choose to take their business online, as food delivery is a service expected by more and more consumers.

But things are changing, and in today’s fast-developing world, more F&B businesses and restaurants are trying to implement new strategies to improve efficiency of their operations.

However, the reality is that many of these restaurants and F&B businesses are facing issues like lack of optimized operations, and this is mainly due to relying on outdated methods when performing deliveries and dealing with day-to-day workflows.

Let’s take a look at the main problems faced by these businesses today:

  • Lack of transparency
  • Unreliability from riders as there is no control over the fleet
  • Lack of optimization for delivery time
  • Inefficient planning and manual assignment of jobs for drivers and riders
  • No centralized platform to store all order information

While these are the recurring issues faced by many F&B companies and restaurants these days, it’s safe to say that there are numerous big players out there who are changing the delivery the game, making it more difficult for smaller companies to thrive.

From these large companies, we can learn that implementing new technologies is the way to go about scaling and optimizing the way your business operates these days.

The competition seems fierce, but there is a wealth of options you can use to improve your daily processes.

So to get started, think about the scenarios that are preventing you from having lean operations and a more flourishing businesses, and use these considerations to close the gap between your offerings and your customers’ needs and requirements.

At CarPal, our operations team has been serving some leading online food delivery businesses around Singapore and here’s the common operational flow error we have encountered so far.

Tracking drivers is not properly standardized

The issue with online ordering right now is that there is a lot of friction between users and restaurants or F&B companies. Questions like “Where is my food right now?” are common from the consumer side.

But there are also many questions coming from the restaurant’s operations team as well like “How do I know where my drivers are?” or “How can I have better control over deliveries to plan future deliveries in a more organized manner?”

This can be easily solved by using the right tools that offer you the level of flexibility you need. If your job requires monitoring and managing orders, then the next step is to make these processes more efficient.

A solution would be partnering with a delivery company which focuses on the control tower concept, meaning it has the ability to monitor and track drivers performing your delivery in real time. This step equals to better operational flow and a standardized driver procedure when you have to assign orders to certain drivers.

Manual allocating incoming orders takes too much of your time

restaurant delivery singapore

This is indeed a very big problem with online food delivery as many restaurants still follow the manual way of handling orders.

In the process, there are more teams involved who need to go through the delivery process. Let’s say the staff who receives the customer orders needs to communicate the information to the operational team who then has to prepare the logistics.

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In this case, doing things manually is a hassle as important food instructions may be missed or the actual order assigning requires more time to be done.

The ideal solution would be to use a system that allows you to control everything from one single place. What if that someone could keep track of the whereabouts of your delivery team and be able to allocate the required orders in one go as well?

Inefficient or non-existing order placing system

restaurant delivery singapore

More restaurants opt to provide delivery options through third party partners, but many fail to have the control they need to create a unique brand image and be at the helm of their own operations.

It’s important to acknowledge that restaurants which implement their own online delivery platform will go a step forward and gain control of their service.

One of the main benefits you will see first-hand  is the ability to plan ahead, prioritize each online order based on the collection time, while serving your dine-in customers. In a few words, your restaurant will quickly be able to become efficient!

Lack of an automated order delivery solution

It is known that manual order allocation and lack of streamlined communication among various department results into a disorderly meal delivery system.

Gaining visibility in the order fulfillment process is crucial to have a successful order delivery model. However, if the fulfillment process is not streamlined, businesses either end up sending wrong orders to the customer or miss out the delivery.

Many online food businesses and restaurants choose to work with delivery partners that are tech-focused and work with solutions that allow them to automate their workflow with least scope of human/manual intervention.

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What’s most important for your restaurant is how an integrated system can work hand-in-hand with your operations.

A platform like CarPal’s delivery system means you’ll gain control over your operations, optimize your workflows, have a topnotch customer experience and grow with your business further.