Why should I use CarPal credits?

By using CarPal credits you can speed up the ordering process. Instead of having to pay for every delivery separately you can just buy credits in advance. The amounts will simply be deducted from your credits.

By using CarPal credits you will have one payment and invoice, which is easier for your accounting.

Easier use within the company. Everybody within the company can use the business CarPal account and book directly using the CarPal credits.

How do I buy CarPal credits?

  • Login to your CarPal account
  • Choose: Orders -> Purchase CarPal credits
  • Click the credits package you wish to buy
  • Click order and checkout
  • Pay through PayPal or Creditcard.
  • Your credits package will show up under My CarPal Credits

How do I use CarPal credits?

  • Login to your CarPal account
  • Select ‘Create Order’ from the menu
  • Follow the regular process. After checkout choose ‘CarPal credits’ as your payment method
  • Make sure you have sufficient CarPal credits and confirm your order

What packages do you offer?

You can choose the amount yourself. The minimum is 250 SGD.

How many credits do I have left?

You can find the total amount of remaining credits in your dashboard under ‘Orders -> Purchase Credits’.

Do my credits expire?

All credits are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.

How many credits have I used?

Go to ‘My Deliveries’ on your CarPal Dashboard and you will see a list of orders. Click on ‘Payment Method’ in the table to sort on methods.

You can also view your invoices and look for ‘Payment Method’. All invoices are send to you via email.